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Other Services

CDA advisors are available to assist students and departments in understanding how disability may impact a student’s schedule and academic plan.

We work directly with faculty and staff at the University of Utah to advocate for the equal and fair treatment of students with disabilities.

The Center for Disability & Access has a dedicated accessible computer lab in the Marriott Library (Accessibility Room Computer Lab) as well as individual accessible computers in many of the computer labs around campus. 

The Center for Disability & Access offers a peer mentoring program for eligible CDA students to meet one on one with a mentor to find campus resources, foster skills, and build a social network.

UReach Peer Mentor Program

Each year, the Center for Disability & Access offers a number of scholarships to University of Utah students who are registered and qualified with CDA.  Applications for and information about these scholarships are available on the CDA website.

Center for disability and access Scholarships

Last Updated: 5/17/24