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Student Exam Policies

Center for Disability & Access

Eligible students must request accommodations through the CDA Online Portal to start the process of setting up exam accommodations.

Exams are scheduled on the following days:

Monday - Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm

  • Students are responsible for scheduling their exam appointments and reserving a seat for the exam. It is strongly recommended that you schedule your exam dates as early in the semester as possible. You must confirm the exam time by 12 PM (Noon) the business day before the exam.
  • Please arrive on time. If you are late, you will not be given extra time for tardiness. This also includes exams scheduled in Canvas.
  • If you are more than 20 minutes late for an exam, you will not be allowed to take your exam. You will need to make arrangements with your instructor.
  • You will need your UCard as photo identification to take an exam.
  • You are required to turn off all nonmedical required electronic devise (all phones, smart watches, etc.), including no alarms, alerts, vibrations, etc. and secure items in a bag/backpack and stored in the designated place. For Canvas exams, you will use your phone to log into Canvas and then you will be asked to turn off your phone and store it in your backpack.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the testing area unless previously authorized as an accommodation. If approved as an accommodation, follow instructions as directed by the proctor.
  • You must turn in all items used during the exam including reference sheet, formula sheet, scratch paper, and any items requested by the instructor. Students may obtain reference sheet or formula sheet 3 business days after the exam was administered.
  • Personal items including backpacks, water bottles, phones, etc. must be stored in the designated area during exams.
  • Students are allowed a 5-minute restroom break.

Additional information:

  • Exams must be scheduled in advance (typically, five school days prior to the exam). CDA is not able to provide accommodations for same day exams.
  • Students may receive a reminder email regarding exams, however, it is the students responsibility to know the dates and times of their scheduled exams.
  • If a student has an emergency and is unable to make the schedule time for the exam, the student must contact the professor and CDA as soon as possible to notify us of the situation, 801-581-5020.  The student will need permission from the instructor and CDA to reschedule the exam.
  • Cheating will not be tolerated.  In the event of academic misconduct, full disclosure will be made to the instructor.  Please referred to University of Utah Regulations, Policy 6-400, Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Faculty Exam Information

Center for Disability & Access

As a service to instructors, CDA may administer exams on the instructor's behalf.

If you would like CDA to proctor your students' exams, please make sure to add all quiz and exam dates for your course(s) when you complete the accommodation form located on the CDA Faculty Portal 

Exams must be scheduled in advance (typically, five school days prior to the exam). CDA is not able to provide accommodations for same day exams.

CDA does not have a designated testing center and needs exam information as early in the semester as possible to procure enough testing space for the entire semester.

Exams should be provided to CDA by 12 PM (Noon) the business day prior to the exam in order to facilitate the process of exam proctoring. Thank you for your support.

Last Updated: 5/13/24