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Faculty & Staff

The Center for Disability & Access recognizes that the role faculty play is at the heart of the university's mission.  We rely on you to assist our office in providing reasonable and appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities. 

The University of Utah is mandated by law (the Americans with Disabilities Act) and by policy to provide reasonable accommodation to all qualified students who request an accommodation.

If a student requests a change or modification in the course requirements based upon a disability, you should refer the student to the Center for Disability & Access.  The Center for Disability & Access is the designated and only campus office that is authorized to determine whether or not a student is qualified for accommodations.

A faculty member is not required to provide an accommodation or modification to course requirements without being notified to do so by the Center for Disability & Access.  If you have a question about the appropriateness of a prescribed accommodation,  please contact our office to address any concerns and evaluate possible alternatives.

Please review the required syllabus statement and your role and responsibilities in working with our office and students with disabilities.  Thank you for your support of all students and our office!

Faculty and Department Awards

Each year the Center for Disability & Access recognizes faculty members who have contributed and promoted a positive environment for students with disabilities.  Students who have received accommodations and would like to nominate a faculty member who has shown sensitivity and a strong willingness to assist student with disabilities, should submit a Faculty Award Nomination.

Additionally, on a yearly basis, the Center for Disability & Access recognizes departments for distinguished and exemplary service to student with disabilities.

Thank you to all of the past faculty and department award recipients!

Last Updated: 3/19/21