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Assistive Technology

Students registered with the Center for Disabilities & Access (CDA) may be qualified for the use of various assistive technology software and hardware provided by CDA.

Schedule a Technology Consultation appointment through your CDA Online Portal to learn more or get support.

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Assistive Technologies Available

  • Kurzweil 3000 (text to speech learning tool for Windows or Mac)
  • JAWS (Windows screen reading software)
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking (speech to text voice recognition software for Windows or Mac)
  • Zoom Text (screen magnifier for Windows)
  • Livescribe Smartpen
  • Glean Notetaking
  • FM/RF Systems
  • CCTV's
  • Flatbed and high-speed scanner

Accessibility Room Computer Lab

Marriott Library, Room 2130T (Map)

Photo of the Accessibility Room in the Marriott Library showing desks and computer workstations.

Located on the North end of the Knowledge Commons on the 2nd floor of the Marriott Library, the Accessibility Room has 3 computer workstations, adjustable tables, a flatbed scanner, CCTV, open desk space, and white boards. The computers run both Windows and Mac operating systems and include assistive technology software listed above.


The Accessibility Room is a locked room available only to CDA registered students with authorized UCards. Students must have a valid and current University ID and contact CDA to have their UCard authorized. Marriott Library staff or Knowledge Commons helpdesk staff do not approve access to this lab.

Request Access to the Accessibility Room

Please include the following detail with your request or attach a clear photo of the back side of your UCard.

  • Full name
  • UNID
  • 19 digit number printed upside-down on the backside of your UCard. 



The Accessibility Room is open whenever the Marriott Library is open.

Marriott Library Hours


Please help us care for the Accessibility Room. We are grateful to the Marriott Library for providing this space!


Be aware and considerate of other students who may be using the room at the same time as you.

Close the door completely when you leave.

Remove any extra chairs, moveable whiteboards, or other furniture you bring into the room when you leave.

Keep food and drink away from computers, keyboards, scanners, and CCTV.

Enjoy having a private space.

Software and Devices

If you have suggestions for other software or devices you would like to have in the Accessibility Room, please let us know!

Accessibility room Software Request

Software available through the University of Utah can be installed on CDA computers if requested. Check the University IT Software Licensing website for available titles.


We are not currently accepting reservations for the Accessibility Room.

Last Updated: 5/9/24