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How to Qualify for Services

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Process for Students Requesting ADA Accommodations

The following is an overview of the process for students admitted to the University of Utah to apply for ADA accommodations.

Intake Appointment

Schedule an Intake Appointment with an advisor in the Center for Disability & Access.  Call 801-581-5020 to make an appointment.

Intake Paperwork

Complete the Intake Paperwork and Application Forms.

Read the Center for Disability & Access Student Handbook

CDA Student Handbook


Obtain and provide the necessary documentation to your CDA Advisor.

Case Management Review

Your application and documentation will be reviewed by the CDA case management team to determine eligibility for services and accommodations:

Approved for services – follow up with your advisor to implement accommodations.

Additional information or documentation requested – work with your health care professional to provide the additional information requested.

Not approved – contact your advisor if you have questions.

Follow up Meeting

Once you have been approved for services, you will need to contact and/or meet with your advisor at the start of each semester to set up accommodations.


  • Contact your advisor at any point in the process for clarification of the steps.
  • This process may take some time to complete, so plan ahead and apply early! 
  • Legally, accommodations are not retroactive.
Last Updated: 3/19/21