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Documentation Guidelines

In order to qualify for accommodations, documentation submitted to the Center for Disability & Access must indicate that a specific disability exists and that the identified disability substantially limits one or more major life activity (e.g. walking, seeing, speaking, hearing, breathing, learning, etc.).

In general, documentation should be recent, on official letterhead, may contain a specific diagnosis, include history and prognosis, focus on current impact and limitation of the condition, discuss recommend accommodations, and include assessments and testing performed.  In many cases, a psycho-educational evaluation is essential in determining the severity and impact of the condition.  The CDA case management team will review this documentation and any other information provided to determine both eligibility and appropriate accommodations.

The following are links to our specific documentation guidelines:

Please review these guidelines and provide them your medical professionals and evaluators to ensure that appropriate assessments are conducted and that the documentation provided will meet the eligibility requirements for the University of Utah and Center for Disability & Access.

Last Updated: 3/19/21